,,Space for dialogue” handbook

2018-08-01 | IRMiR

The team from National Institute for Spatial Policy and Housing, led by Dorota Szlenk-Dziubek and Magdalena Miśkowiec, wrote a book within POWER 2014-2020 project. It is practical handbook about how to lead public participation in spatial planning.

Public participation means involvement of individuals, groups and local communities in public decision making. In the last few years an evolution of understanding the public participation in city management can be noticeable in Polish cities. The handbook tries to answer the question of how to lead public participation in spatial planning, with the focus on the contribution that citizens bring to the process. The aim is to provide practical knowledge about public participation in spatial planning (at the local government level), including good practices in this field.

The handbook consists of ten chapters. The first three chapters gives an introduction to the theory of public participation in spatial planning. Fourth of them describes the definition of public participation in spatial planning. The fifth chapter shows forms of participation in current law conditions of Polish spatial-planning system. Sixth chapter deals with all the questions and doubts about process of public participation in spatial planning: its actors, advantages, limitations and problems. As a consequence, chapter sixth shows the principles and practical hints on social consultations organization. Next chapter describes the new forms of methods and tools of participation. Eighth chapter refers to main principles and examples of good practices in new participatory approach in Poland. Ninth chapter traces the results and evaluation of three processes of spatial planning regarding public participation (examples from Gorzów Wielkopolski, Trzebinia and Poznan) with a focus on SWOT analysis. The last chapter deals with a number of recommendations on how to strengthen the existing framework of local authorities cooperation in the field of public participation in spatial planning.

The publication is available on the Ministry’s website (Polish version).