Offer (professional and scientific development)


Issues related to the broadly understood processes of urban development have become an increasingly important element in the development processes of Poland and the European Union recently. As a result, innovative solutions provided by our Institute have to meet with the growing demand. Therefore, we are looking for people who would like to connect their future with urban issues and develop their career at the Institute. You can join the IRMiR team using the four recruitment programmes.

  1. Project realisation in cooperation with the IRMiR. It is a recruitment programme for project leaders – those interested in carrying out their own research, introductory, training or commercial projects based on the potential of the Institute.
  2. The IDEA programme dedicated to people with ideas that can change the future. Convince us that it is worth investing in your idea and we will hire you for up to 2 years giving you time and opportunity to develop your idea. The programme is operating since March 15, 2015.
  3. Job offers????? a classic recruitment programme for projects implemented at the Institute.
  4. Internships and traineeships. A programme for students and graduates wishing to learn the specifics of working at the Institute and gain experience. Many of our employees have started their adventure at the IRMiR in this way.