Wojciech Jarczewski PhD

IRMiR Director

Graduated in Geography and Spatial Management of the Jagiellonian University and Journalism at the Pedagogical Academy in Cracow. During his research projects he is particularly intrigued by the question: how local and regional governments as well as state government authorities can animate and support socio-economic development? In order to find the answer, he dealt with issues such as attracting investors to municipalities and territorial marketing, conditions for labour market development, assessing the effectiveness of projects and aid programs co-financed by EU funds, revitalisation and renewal of cities, creation of new municipalities, development of recreational geothermal centres and others. All those matters were approached within the framework of domestic and international projects. The results of his work have been published in several dozen scientific articles and books.

Aleksandra Jadach-Sepio??o PhD
Deputy Director
Economist, she is the deputy director of the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and an assistant professor at the Department of Innovative City at the Warsaw School of Economics. She specializes in the implementation of team consulting projects in the field of revitalization and housing. Author and co-author of many publications and expert opinions in the field of urban regeneration, financing and programming of urban renewal processes, public-private partnership, housing and property value management in revitalized areas.