Project implementation under the Visegrad Fund started

2019-07-22 | IRMiR

At the end of??May 2019 Institute of Urban and Regional Development has signed an agreement with??International Visegrad Fund for??the implementation in 2019-2020 of the project??Urban Lab Network in V4 + – the innovation tool for smart cities??(under the Visegrad + grant).

The project application had been prepared by the team of our Institute and partners from Czech Republic (Charles University), Slovakia (GeoSupport s.r.o.), Hungary (Geographical Institute of Hungarian Academy of Sciences) and Ukraine (City Institute) who were invited to the project.

The main goal of the project is to create and develop a network of cities in Central and Eastern Europe where urban labs already operate or where there is an interest in creating them and joining the Urban Lab Network. Urban Lab is a practical instrument which appeared at a certain stage in the evolution of the smart city idea, and it is widely understood as a city laboratory for practical testing and implementation of the SMART concept.

The specific objectives of the project are also:
??? cooperation of cities and exchange of experience in order to improve the quality of life of the V4 + countries inhabitants,
??? promotion of solutions within the Smart City 3.0 concept using the urban lab tool,
??? inclusion of municipal authorities and other involved entities in the current discussion on modern solutions in the field of smart city.

All details and news about the Project can be find at the Project webpage