CREST – Climate resilient coastal urban infrastructures through digital twinning 2022-2024 (URBAN EUROPE – ENUTS)

2022-01-08 | Jaromir Matulewicz

CREST project aims to help vulnerable urban areas to set-up and roll-out collaborative platforms based on a breakthrough Augmented reality technology and co-creation approaches to support environmental decision making and innovative policy practices, enabling robust and resilient responses to climate change. The project will pilot a ground-breaking way to operate digital twins of cities, enabling data and ???what-if??? scenarios to be analysed and visualised in an interactive and immersive visualisation tool to be used by policy-makers, researchers, companies and citizens in 3 European urban areas: Ko??obrzeg, Bourdeux i M??re og Romsdal.
CREST consortium involves eight partner institutions from Poland, France, Norway and France. The research will be conducted in 2022-2024. Principal Investigator for the Polish study site: Prof. Bogna Gawro??ska-Nowak (Institute of Urban and Regional Development)?? . The project is co-financed by National Research Agencies and European Commission within ERA-NET Cofund Urban Transformation Capacities Call (ENUTC)
CREST applies digital twins approach in terms of demonstration, co-creation and mobilization of stakeholders for capacity-building and collective decision-making. This will help respond to the EU agenda on Urban Transformation and achieve the UN SDG goals.