Geographical Institute of MTA Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences

Geographical Institute of MTA Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences (Hungary)

The Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences is one of the eleven research centres of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Geographical Institute is an integrated research institute within the Research Centre with ca. 35 research fellows and a total of 45 employees. The majority of the research fellows were graduated in geography and/or in related disciplines (e.g. economics, sociology) and hold a PhD. The institute consists of different research groups in the fields of physical and human geography. Human geography is represented by the Research Group on Etlogo_CSFK_2012_angol_MTA_zmniejszonehnic and Political Geography, the Research Group on Spatial Mobility and the Research Group on Urbanisation and Metropolitan Processes.
The Geographical Institute is one of the leading research entities in geography and spatial sciences in Hungary. Its academic activities include theoretical and methodological foundations of research in the field of physical and human geography; studies on spatial processes and sustainable development; temporal and spatial surveys on the interactions of man and environment; assessment of various geographical factors in urban and regional development and to the emerging socio-economic and environmental problems in Hungary. The scientific spectrum of the institute is very wide, several research projects in the field of urban and regional development have been carried out in recent years. One of the main research topics of the institute has constantly been the issue of sustainable urban development. Projects focusing on the transformation of the social and built environment of cities, with special reference to Budapest, the effects of economic and social transformations as well as the changing patterns of creative economy, urban mobility and land-use have been elaborated in the last few years.

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